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Early 20th Century Female Carpenter – Postcards of Juliette Caron Working at Montluçon

As our flashback Thursday project for this week, we are featruing three photos, depicting female carpenter Juliette Caron (born May 6, 1852 in Senlis – Oise, France), working at Montluçon (a commune in central France on the Cher River) in 1882.

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Part 4: Looking Back at Woodworking Education in America – Circa 1906-1908

Part four of our look back at woodworking education in America  – circa 1906 -1908. In addition to sand papering, nailing, and screwing their items together, students were also responsible for finishing their pieces, while taking into consideration the coloring of the room , furniture etc. were their pieces were to be placed.  Some pieces [...]

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