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New and used woodworking machinery and equipment
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Used Woodworking Machinery for Sale – Nationwide Inventory Listings

Select from our National database of Used Woodworking Machinery

If you can’t find the used woodworking machine you are searching for here in our online showroom of used woodworking machinery located in our Auburn, GA warehouse, look to the woodworking machinery listings in our shared listings from our nationwide database of used woodworking machinery & industrial equipment listings shared by an exclusive network of experienced Woodworking Machinery Distributors.

Air Compressors
Saws – Gang Rip
Borers – 32mm
Mat. Handlng – Conveyors
Saws – Optimizing
Borers – Horizontal
Mat. Handlng – Lifts
Saws – Panel
Borers – Point-to-Point
Metal Working Equip
Saws – Radial Arm
Borers – Vertical
Miscellaneous Equip
Saws – Sliding Table
Saws – Straight Line Rip
Clamp Carriers
Saws – Table
Clamps – Case
Nail/Fastening Equipment
Saws – Vertical
Clamps – Door/Drwr
Panel Cleaners
Shapers – Arch Moulding
Clamps – Frame/Misc
Planers – Double
Shapers – Auto/Prof/Misc
Door Machines
Planers – Single
Shapers – Shape & Sand
Postform Equipment
Shapers – Single/Double
Dowel Inserters
Stair Equipment
Dust Collectors
Routers – CNC
Tenoners – Double End
Routers – Pin/Inverted
Tenoners – Single End
Finger Jointers
Sanders – Profile/Mldg Trim & Bore/Chuck
Finishing Equipment
Sanders – Spdl/Disc/Misc
Truss Assemby – Floor
Glue Equipment
Sanders – Stroke/Edge
Truss Assemby – Roof
Gluers – Radio Frequency
Sanders – Wide Belt 1 Head
Truss Equipment
Grinding & Sharpening
Sanders – Wide Belt 2 Head
Truss Saws
Sanders – Wide Belt 3+ Head
Vee-Grooving Equipment
Laminate Trimmers/Slitters
Sawmill Equipment
Veneer Equipment
Laminate -Wrap/Roll/Foil
Saws – Bandsaw/Resaw
Wood Grinders & Hogs
Saws – Cut-off & Miter



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