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OMAL Miter 600-2RT: First Choice Industrial

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OMAL Miter 600-2RT – CNC Profiling Machine


Omal-600-Mitre-CNC-Profiling-MachineDescription: The OMAL Miter 600-2RT is a CNC Profiling Machine designed to produce mitered mortise and tenon joint for cabinet door stiles and rails. This PC controlled machine is equipped with a graphical interface for machine operation. A powerful feature of this interface allows complete flexibility in controlling the tool path. This programming flexibility is critical in producing a high quality joint that is strong and free of chips. The working head is equipped with two horizontal router motors, a main spindle at 5.5HP and a mortise spindle at 3HP. The work table is divided into two zones for pendulum processing for maximum production throughput. The machine is equipped with optional dual stops for precision dimension control for both stiles and rails in sequence.

First Choice Industrial will be providing industrial machinery sales and support for Omal Machinery in parts of the southeastern U.S. as a part of the merger between Delmac Machinery & SCM Group North America. Call 678.642.9722 or email

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