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Fully Automated Floor Manufacturing From Doucet, EBL & PHL Woodworking Machinery

Doucet, EBI, & PHL Teaming-Up At IWF 2010 August 25-28 To Offer Fully Automated Floor Manufacturing Process



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IWF 2010 Edition

At IWF 2010, Doucet, EBI and PHL are proud
to offer your company a Fully Automated
Floor Manufacturing Process.

Make sure to stop by our booth # 5535 when you visit the show.


EBI is very proud to supply all the PC based controls and automation necessary for the operation of this Fully Automated Flooring Line as well as the 2 In-Spector scanning platforms dedicated to hardwood flooring manufacturing.

The EB3000 – Board characteristics are captured by multiple cameras and lasers. These characteristics include dimensional validations, overall board coloration, individual characteristic coloration, position and dimensions. Only after all characteristics have been captured does the optimizer start computing all possible grade solutions. Grades can be set to any recognized standard or easily customized to your in-house grading rules or even specific customer requirements. Grades and trim lines can then be printed directly on each segment. This is the ONLY grading platform dedicated to the manufacturing of hardwood flooring.

The EB3100 is the first system of its kind that is specifically designed to detect physical defects on the end of boards after end matching such as splits and checks that can develop into costly claims after installation.

In addition to the state-of-the-art GPS End-Matcher and the Superfast In-Motion Cross-cut Saw, Doucet brings all of the Material Handling Solutions that cement the various components of the line into a cohesive and efficient manufacturing system.

Combining massive framework for dead-on profiling repeatability, high precision machining spindles, real-time piecework tracking and 4-axis robotic open trim stations, the Doucet GPS-120 End-Matcher is the first “truly intelligent” end-profiling system ever built. Its direct access to the information captured by the EB3000 takes the guesswork out of optimizing your fibre yield.

The DOUCET-IOMUS Swingsaw™, offers radical change in Crosscutting Saw Technology. Based on a new and innovative “Crosscutting in motion Technology”, the IOMUS Swingsaw™ combines the highest cutting speed with the greatest accuracy. By teaming up the high output capacity of the Swingsaw™ with the robotic end-trimmers on the GPS End-Matcher, the layout is greatly simplified through the elimination of many switch points.

Cementing all the components into a cohesive line several DOUCET feeders, vacuum pickers, sorters, conveyors and innovative platforms for manual handling of “exceptions” that make it possible to operate a high capacity flooring mill with just a handful of employees.

For more than 35 years, INDUSTRIES PHL has been providing turnkey solutions to its sawmill, planer mill and wood handling customers. The company offers innovative and easy-to-use equipment to optimize production performance. Now PHL brings its no nonsense and keep it simple approach to Automatic Nesting.

True innovation comes from the marriage of achieving previously unattained performance with operational and mechanical simplicity. This has got it all. Our new approach to automatic nesting is capable of handling any changes in production flow with a smaller foot print than some traditional manual nesting systems. Modular design lets us adapt to any situation and allows for later upgrades. Ask us about this truly incredible innovation.

Come to Doucet’s booth # 5535 at IWF 2010
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