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Everwitt Productions Films My Dad’s Garage Video Segment with SCM Group & First Choice Industrial at IWF 2014 » Woodworking Machinery & Industry News Blog: First Choice Industrial
Everwitt Productions Films My Dad’s Garage Video Segment with SCM Group & First Choice Industrial at IWF 2014

EverWitt Productions, LLC, a creative studio (in Encinitas, CA) that produces live, CGI, stop-motion, 2D & 3D animation for publishing, product merchandising, licensing, advertising, and film on mobile & new media platforms, visits with SCM Group and First Choice Industrial at IWF 2014.

Just a few weeks ago, when First Choice Industrial learned via our various social media channels that the team from My Dad’s Garage (A How-To Puppet Show Geared to Encouraging Dads & Their Kids 7 to 10  to do DIY Projects) was planning to launch their new blog show at IWF  Atlanta 2014, we decided to keep in touch with their journey to the Georgia World Congress Center.

When we caught up with J.H. Everett & Rick DeWitt -  Senior/ Principle Partners of EverWitt Productions, along with Clay Davison, Executive VP of Sales at Architectural Finishing Solutions late Friday morning, everything came together very quickly in that special way like-minded people frequently work together to make things happen.

It was clear from the start, the common thread between all of us went way beyond social media networking, beyond creative thinking, and woodworking industry networking, and beyond personal backgrounds, our ages, genders, or geographic locals.  We were all genuinely committed to the concept of positive messaging to young children, regarding working with tools, learning about woodworking technology, and the concept that hanging out with Dad’s, or Mom’s, in the garage is cool!

Clay Davison from Architectural Finishing Solutions with My Dad's Garage at IWF Atlanta 2014

Clay said it best, “I get these guys!”  Yes indeed, Clay truly does get it, and he served as their Head Cheer-Master, IWF Atlanta Guide and Technical Assistant throughout their journey through IWF Atlanta 2014 and Atlanta at-large, with a trip to the Center for Puppetry Arts and some good Atlanta -Style BBQ, making good friends and networking connections all along the way.  Great folks like Surf Prep, Flex Arm, Shop Bot Tools, SCM Group, Minimax, Aiken Controls, Magpi, Joyce & Eric from the Macaroni Kid Sandy Springs-Dunwoody weekly published e-newsletter & website for parents and so many more.

And there’s more to come about the awesome, wildly creative, and productive folks at Everwitt Productions, and their trip to IWF Atlanta 2014.

Watch for E.W. Tinker talking with the amazing woodworking dad, Sam Blasco about the MiniMax Machinery Line-Up from SCM Group, which will air on Tuesday, September 2.  Check back with us for the full coverage.






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