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Financing Woodworking Equipment Saves Money, Preserves Credit Lines

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This blog post was written exclusively for First Choice Industrial by equipment leasing company Balboa Capital.

The Woodworkers Shop 1568

The Woodworkers Shop 1568

Woodworking is an art that has been around for centuries and has progressed even further with today’s advanced technology.

Advantages of Leasing Woodworking Machinery

IWF 2012

There are now many high-tech woodworking tools that professionals in this highly specialized industry are using to help create amazing work. Whether it’s elegant cabinets and chairs or uniquely designed sculptures, professional woodworkers know they need top-notch tools and equipment to create their best work. Woodworking equipment is very expensive and can use up your much-needed capital or business credit line.

Depending on your needs, one cost-saving alternative to consider is an equipment leasing program for new or used woodworking equipment. Leasing enables you to get everything your woodworking business needs for an affordable monthly payment that is spread out over a specific time frame.

Common New & Used Woodworking Equipment That Is Financed includes . . .

CNC Machines

Die Cutters


Grinding Machines


Milling Machines

Panel Saws

Vertical Panel Saws


Return Conveyors


Table Saws

and many more machines from a wide range of professional woodworking machinery and semi-professional woodworking machines and equipment

Chip Away High Costs

Instead of spending a small fortune on woodworking equipment, you can save a significant amount of capital with an equipment financing program. It makes sense to select an independent financing company that has experience in your industry, and that can provide you with fast, hassle-free funding. Many small and mid-sized businesses in the woodworking industry call upon Balboa Capital for their equipment financing needs. Since 1988, Balboa Capital has been a leading equipment leasing provider to woodworking companies all across the United States.

About Balboa Capital

Established in 1988, Balboa Capital has provided fast, dependable funding to thousands of businesses nationwide that use the Section 179 tax deduction. Balboa Capital is one of the largest independent finance companies in the nation delivering access to capital, speed of processing, leading-edge technology and innovative marketing tools that help fuel the growth and success of today’s businesses and equipment vendors. Visit today.


First Choice Industrial strives to make our customers woodworking machinery purchases affordable by working with leasing companies across the country to help establish the lowest payment rates.

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