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NEW TI 155 EP4 Shaper With Tilting Spindle: Clearance Priced at $25,900 » Woodworking Machinery & Industry News Blog: First Choice Industrial
NEW TI 155 EP4 Shaper With Tilting Spindle: Clearance Priced at $25,900

First Choice IndustrialNEW TI 155 EP4 Shaper With Tilting Spindle: Clearance Priced at $25,900


NEW “clearance- priced” TI 155 EP4 Shaper, with a Tilting Electro Spindle, from SCM Group is an ideal state-of-the-art woodworking machinery solution for the high performance and precision-based  manufacturing of millwork, windows, doors, and stairs.


This item surplus inventory SCM Spindle Shaper has been sold.   Check here to look for any current specials on our new tilting spindle shapers & check here to look for any current fixed spindle shapers Or take a quick look here in our national inventory for a Used Spindle Shapers that will provide the right solution for your manufacturing needs.  And as always, feel free to call us, at 678.642.9722, and we would be happy to assist you in finding the right spindle shaper solution for your production needs and budget.

TI 155 EP4 Shaper

Photo shows optional equipment not standard on this machine (this includes front and side extension tables (LL), and powerfeeder support)

Reg. Price: $37,295

Our Exclusive
SOLD Surplus Inventory Clearance Price: $25,900 SOLD

Includes Full 1 Year  Factory Warranty

The TI 155 EP4 Class, from SCM Group,  is a state-of-the-art tilting spindle shaper. Featuring a robust structure and four axes control of the spindle height, spindle tilt, infeed fence, and entire fence.  This “EASY” four axes programmer, with automatic set up, has the capacity to store up to 300 programs.  And the “FAST” sectioned table eliminates the need for insert rings.

TI 155 EPA Shaper- Monoblock Base

The Monoblock Technology used in the design and fabrication of the TI 155 EP4 solid, welded base, which undergoes a normalization treatment, assures exact tolerances.

Additionally, all of the machine mechanisms are mounted, aligned, and referenced to the base, which is a vastly superior design element compared to machines with bases that are bolted together and have no true reference point.

TI I55 EP4 Shaper - Electro Spindle


All SCMI shaper spindles are completely assembled and high speed balanced as one complete unit, which eliminates the whipping action at the top of the spindle and ensures the vibration free performance necessary for the quality of finish provided by a shaper.

Minimizing vibration is even more critical when cutting tall profiles or using stacked tooling.


Additional features include    . . .

  • 5.5 inch tool capacity under the nut
  • Upgraded 155 mm diameter spindle quill assembly
  • Programmable Fences and Spindle
  • “Fast” Sectioned Table and “Flex” Fence
  • MK 5 Removable Tapered Spindles
  • 1 1/4 Inch interchangeable spindle
  • Carriage on fixed table for small tenoning operations
  • 12HP Electrospindle
  • Inverter for speed change from 900 to 12,000 rpm variable
  • Upper mobile control panel
  • Aluminum fences
  • Flex: swing support fence with automated control
  • Fast: Sectioned Table Manual
  • Reverse rotation switch
  • LED digital readout of spindle height, spindle tilt and fence position on controller
  • Electronic brake
  • Low tension circuit (110v by transformer)


TI 155 EP4 Shaper - 5 Speed Spindle

TI 155 EP4 Shaper - Programmable Fences & Spindles

TI I55 EP4 Shaper - Tilting Trunion Support

TI 155 EP4 Shaper - Fast Sectioned Table and Flex Fence
With the TI 155 EP4 sectioned table there is no wasted time searching for a correct table ring to fit the cutterhead.  Using the same table design that has been used on SCM’s Superset moulders, the TI 155 EP4  table is simply moved into the best position to fit  the cutter.


TI 155 EP4 Shaper - Flex Fence


The TI 155 EP4 flex fence allows the fence to swing out of the way for quicker setups, to guarantee the system remains square every time.






TI 155 EP4 MK 5 Removable Tapered Spindles


A standard feature on the T155 is the MK 5 interchangeable tapered spindle. This feature allows the use of different spindles for various tooling with different spindle diameters. An upgrade to a larger shaper does not mean that all tooling needs to be replaced. Special tools can continue to be used simply by changing out to a different spindle. A 1 1/4 inch spindle comes standard.

NEW TI 155 EP4 Shaper With Tilting Spindle

SOLDReg. Price: $37,295 SOLD

Surplus Inventory Clearance Price: $25,900 - Includes Full 1 Year Factory Warranty

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