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Part 4: Looking Back at Woodworking Education in America – Circa 1906-1908 » Woodworking Machinery & Industry News Blog: First Choice Industrial
Part 4: Looking Back at Woodworking Education in America – Circa 1906-1908

Part four of our look back at woodworking education in America  – circa 1906 -1908.

In addition to sand papering, nailing, and screwing their items together, students were also responsible for finishing their pieces, while taking into consideration the coloring of the room , furniture etc. were their pieces were to be placed.  Some pieces were oiled, some were waxed, as decided by each student for their respective creations.

History of Woodworking Education Circa 1906-1908 Photo 1

1908 woodworking class from the Chicago Manual Training School

Note the woodworking lathes, powered by the ceiling mounted line shafts, which were driven by leather belts. And imagine the noise level of the simultaneous flapping of the belts while the students worked.

History of Woodworking Education Circa 1906-1908 Photo 2

Again in this photo, note the ceiling mounted belt driven line shafts, powering the woodworking lathes as the students construct their cabinets

These materials are presented as historical resources in support of study and research.  Inclusion of such materials does not constitute an endorsement of their content by the University of Chicago.


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