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Doucet Machinery Presents NEW Fork Stacker

First Choice Industrial Woodworking Machinery Dealer

NEW Fork Stacker from Doucet: designed to efficiently receive layers of materials from chains & deposit them onto an awaiting pallet.

Doucet Fork Stacker
Specifically, the fork stacker from Doucet Machineries rises  between the chains to lift the material layer, cycle it, and lower it onto the stack. Then fixed stops strip the material from the forks as they retract back into place, and the support arms are lowered to receive the next batch, as demonstrated in the video featured below.

Key Features

– Simple “lift, shift, lower, and retract movement” the concept “Keep it Simple” ensures reliability

– Customizable layer length, width and bundle height

– Up to 6 cycles per minute
– Movement powered by electric motor driven chains
– Pneumatic lifting via air cylinders
– Lumber rest on support arm similar to a tilt hoist mechanism
- Heavy structures designed to handle loads up to 10,000 lbs


View Fork Stacker Video from Doucet Machinery

First Choice Industrial Woodworking Machinery Dealer

Doucet Machinery is a customized equipment manufacturer focused primarily on the wood working industry, but with additional value added applications available for the lumber industry, and numerous other manufacturers looking for efficient material handling solutions.

For more information about the NEW Doucet Fork Stacker
or other Doucet Machinery Manufacturing and Material Handling Solutions, contact
First Choice Industrial, an authorized Doucet Machinery dealer in metro-Atlanta.

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