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Wood for War: 1942 Kodachrome Film from U.S. Dept. of Agriculture

First Choice Industrial Weima Dealer1942 Kodachrome Film from The U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Wood for War

We thought this short film from the U.S. Department of Agriculture-Forest Service which was made in 1942 during World War II would be an interesting addition for our History of Woodworking and Sustainable Woodworking & Green Construction blog archives.  Featuring forest production and its strategic importance during wartime

The blaring music, booming narrator and overblown narrator are typical of 1940′s style U.S. Government films.   And initially the film focuses on to the various uses of wood in the war, principally as replacements for items that Americans needed to go without. For instance, if all the steel forks, spoons and toiletries had to go, they could have wood replacements.  If the military needed wool or cotton to make uniforms, wood could provide adequate clothing substitutes.

“But there is a deadly enemy of wood you, ” the narrator declares . . .  its carelessness in throwing away cigarettes and not extinguishing campfires is a deadly enemy to wood, which could cause tons of valuable war supplies (the lumber) to be be destroyed.

However, despite the films seemingly intended use of “preventing forest fires”  there is still some very good footage of 1940′s forestry, mills, logging trucks, and wood production.

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