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Preventing Dust Explosions: Professional Woodworkers Stay Informed

“Must” review combustible dust safety information for woodworking businesses, include . . .

And for a clearer understanding of the dangers of combustible dust, woodworking professionals and hobbyists alike should view Combustible Dust: An Insidious Hazard —a very informative video produced by the CSB U. S. Chemical Safety Board (an independent federal agency investigating chemical accidents to protect workers, the public, and the environment)  This exceptionally well done combustible wood dust safety video, details the specific causes of combustible dust explosions and fires, as they pertain to the combustible dust related accidents that took place at Imperial Sugar Company, Hayes Lemmerz, CTA Acoustics and West Pharmaceutical Services.

Or visit Ask The Experts, where you can submit your dust collection & pollution control questions to Rob Williamson, the Technical Director of Dantherm Filtration.

Dust from woodworking processes can fuel devastating explosions; according to OSHA statistics, since 1980, more than 130 workers have been killed and 780 injured in combustible dust explosions, including the recent explosion at an Imperial Sugar facility in Georgia that killed 14 workers in 2008.

Work safely, and stay informed, regarding portable dust collectors and central dust collection systems, as well as a combination of both.  And learn the pros and cons and safety standards of both systems.

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Specifically, woodworkers in the southeastern U. S. can discuss all of their dust collection needs and safety issues with the experienced sales and dust collection installation team at . . .

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