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Running A Profitable Woodshop: A Great Article From Rick Hill On The Woodworking Network » Woodworking Machinery & Industry News Blog: First Choice Industrial
Running A Profitable Woodshop: A Great Article From Rick Hill On The Woodworking Network

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We’re adding Rick Hill’s article Pulling Eases Product Sales from The Woodworking Network to our archived list of Great Tips for Building a Successful Woodworking Business.

Hill’s article Pulling Eases Product Sales includes a wide variety of concise tips with solid and actionable advice . . . it is more profitable to be a business person who runs a woodworking shop, than a woodworker who has a business. And he offers a very clear view as to why it is always easier to have Pull Through than Push Through marketing. Read the full Woodworking Network article here

Rick Hill is a consultant specializing in woodworking companies that need to find new markets and more sales. He is also an independent sales rep and founder of WoodReps.Com, a national association of independent reps in the woodworking industry. He can be reached at


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