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Used Wood Shapers: Surplus Clearance: Auto, Single, Double, Arch Moulding, Shape & Sand

Looking to carry out large-volume woodworking applications that a normal router is simply to small for, check out the large variety of used and surplus wood shapers First Choice Industrial is currently featuring in their Used Wood Shaper Surplus Clearance.

Commonly used to shape the edges of stock, a wood shaper can be used for forming a variety of shapes and patterns for mouldings for cabinetry, decorative headboards for bed furniture, window frames etc. Additionally, many wood shapers can be fitted with a variety of add-ons, spindles etc. allowing it to perform extra functions.

Also, as a member of the United Woodworking Machinery Exchange, we partner with long established & professional full-service woodworking machinery dealers throughout the country via our large inventory of UWME Listings for wood shapers . . .

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